Airborne Special Mission Operation

The specific operational focus of our organization lies in leveraging airborne platforms for comprehensive information gathering. This encompasses an extensive range of spatial data collection as well as multifaceted surveillance intelligence, fostering a holistic understanding of the operating environment.

To ensure the highest standard of data acquisition, we are committed to the utilization of the latest generation of sensor technology, constantly refining our capabilities to keep pace with advancements in the field.

Our involvement spans across a multitude of specialized missions, each characterized by unique requirements and objectives.

While the list below outlines some of our primary operational areas, it is by no means exhaustive; we consistently seek new opportunities and challenges to expand our portfolio:

Types of Special Missions we are involved in but not limited at:

ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance)
Use Case Examples: 
Coast Guard, Search and Rescue, Border Control, Airborne Police Support, etc.

Traditional Airborne Mapping
Standard aerial survey for collection of any type of spatial data. Use Case Examples: Cadastral application, Ortho photos, 3D Model, LiDAR Point clouds, etc.

Fast Response & Exterritorial Flight Operations
This encompasses providing assistance and, if desired, assuming increased responsibility for any sort of flight operations conducted in distant locations, with exceedingly rigorous requirements for preparation, logistics, and safety. Case Study Illustrations: Monitoring and mapping of disasters, rapid data cycle and processing, on-site situational evaluation and readiness measures.

Ecology Mapping
Use Case Examples:
Thermal camera-based inspections flights for leak & waste-water detection, Algorithm based bird & mammal counting for wind park impact assessments, solar cadastral for solar energy efficiency assessments, etc.

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